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Salvador Bigdark, a successful singer from Afghanistan.

is currently residing in Switzerland. He was born into an ordinary family in Afghanistan and grew up in an environment with numerous challenges. However, Salvador's passion for music and singing emerged at a young age and guided him towards greater aspirations.
In the early years of his life, Salvador faced abundant difficulties. When he was fond of attending school, conflicts arising from war and political tensions in Afghanistan compelled him and his family to migrate in pursuit of safety and a better life. Amidst all these challenges, Salvador always sought refuge in music and through singing, he created an achievement and a newfound love for himself.

Salvador Bigdark

Singer & Songwriter


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“Ahmad Masoud”

Released: 2023
Label: Salvador Bigdark
Format: Digital Download, Stream

  1. Samira Salvador Bigdark 2:57
  2. Yare Bi Ghalb Salvador Bigdark 3:35
  3. Atre Shalet Salvador Bigdark 3:36
  4. Eshghe To Salvador Bigdark 03.31
  5. Be Man Begoo Salvador Bigdark 03:05
  6. Nafasam Salvador Bigdark 03:01
  7. Donya Salvador Bigdark 03:33
  8. Hesse Khub Salvador Bigdark 03:44
  9. Ey Jan Salvador Bigdark 03:16

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E-Mail: [email protected]